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We ship to UK and Ireland destinations.
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Laptop AC Adapter for ACER

Ultimate Electronics Online(UK) offers Cheap ACER AC adapters. High quality ACER AC adapters from us are brand new, we provide one year warranty for them. Order from us, save more money!

Please select your ACER adaptor model/part number below to find a suitable replacement
Extensa 515TravelMate 512DXTravelMate 512T
AcerNote 850CAcerNote Light 350AcerNote Light 360
AcerNote Light 370Extensa 355Extensa 500
Extensa 501Extensa 502Extensa 503
Extensa 505Extensa 550Extensa 555
Extensa 560Extensa 565Extensa 570
Extensa 610Extensa 616Extensa 620
Extensa 700Extensa 710Extensa 711
Extensa 712AcerNote 367AcerNote 3680
AcerNote 370AcerNote LifeNote 373AcerNote Light 371
AcerNote Light 372AcerNote Light 373AcerNote Light 374
AcerNote 380AcerNote 382Extensa 391
Extensa 392Extensa 393Extensa 394
Extensa 395Extensa 512Extensa 513
Extensa 514Extensa 516Extensa 517
Extensa 690Extensa 900TravelMate 365
TravelMate 520TravelMate 521TravelMate 524
TravelMate 525TravelMate 527TravelMate 529
Alpha 550LCAlpha 550LVAlpha 550XV
Alpha 551Alpha 551VXAspire 1200X
Aspire 1200XVAspire 1202Aspire 1202X
Aspire 1203XAspire 1203XCAspire 1203XV
Aspire 1350Aspire 1360Aspire 1410
Aspire 1680Aspire 1690Aspire 2000
Aspire 2010Aspire 2020Aspire 3000
Aspire 3010Aspire 3020Aspire 3030
Aspire 3500Aspire 3600Aspire 3610
Aspire 5000Aspire 5010Aspire 5020
Aspire 5030Aspire 5500Aspire 9100
Aspire 9500TravelMate 230TravelMate 280
TravelMate 290TravelMate 290ETravelMate 292LMi
TravelMate 505TravelMate 506TravelMate 507
TravelMate 508TravelMate 514TVXTravelMate 650 series
TravelMate 2300TravelMate 2301TravelMate2302
TravelMate 2303TravelMate 2350TravelMate 2352
TravelMate 2353TravelMate 3200TravelMate 4000
TravelMate 4000MTravelMate 4001TravelMate 4002
TravelMate 4050TravelMate 4051TravelMate 4052
TravelMate 4053TravelMate 4500TravelMate 5400M
TravelMate C100TravelMate C110TravelMate 662LVi
TravelMate C300XCiTravelMate 4001LMiAspire 1610
Aspire 1620Extensa 2000 SeriesExtensa 2001LC
Extensa 2001LMTravelMate 220 SeriesTravelMate 260 Series
Ferrari 4000Aspire 3628AWXCiTravelMate 510
Aspire 1300Extensa 391CExtensa 391T
Extensa 392CExtensa 392TExtensa 393C
Extensa 393TExtensa 394TExtensa 395T
TravelMate 340 SeriesTravelMate 340TTravelMate 341TV
TravelMate 342TTravelMate 343TVTravelMate 420 Series
TravelMate 430 SeriesTravelMate 520iTTravelMate 521TE
TravelMate 521TEVTravelMate 521TXVTravelMate 524TE
TravelMate 524TXVTravelMate 525TXTravelMate 525TXV
TravelMate 527TXVTravelMate 529ATXVTravelMate 529TXV
Aspire 1450Ferrari 3400TravelMate 210
TravelMate 2310TravelMate 2400TravelMate 2410
TravelMate 3000TravelMate 3220TravelMate 3500
TravelMate 4060TravelMate 4600TravelMate C200
TravelMate C310Ferrari 1000Aspire 5920
Aspire 4920Aspire 5920GAspire 4920G
AcerNote 350 SeriesAcerNote 370 SeriesAcerNote Light 380 Series
Aspire 2012WLCiAspire 3620Aspire 5670
Aspire 5672Extensa 360 SeriesExtensa 390 Series
Extensa 600 SeriesTravelMate 290ATITravelMate 3270
TravelMate 505 SeriesTravelMate 506 SeriesTravelMate 507 Series
TravelMate 508 SeriesAspire 9412WSMiAspire 3100 series
Aspire 3690 seriesAspire 5040 seriesAspire 5600 series
Aspire 5610 seriesAspire 5630 seriesAspire 5650 series
Aspire 5680 seriesAspire 7110 seriesAspire 9300 series
Aspire 9410 seriesAspire 9420 seriesAspire 9510 series
Ferrari 5000 seriesTravelMate 7520TravelMate 6231
TravelMate 4310TravelMate 4520TravelMate 4600-II
TravelMate 5210TravelMate 5220TravelMate 5310
TravelMate 6592TravelMate 7320TravelMate 7720
TravelMate 8100AAspire 5310Aspire 5315
Aspire 5500ZAspire 5520Aspire 5570Z
Aspire 5710Ferrari 1100Aspire 5710Z
Aspire 5715ZTravelMate 4100-IIAspire 2420
Aspire 2920Aspire 4220Aspire 4310
Aspire 4710ZAspire 4320Aspire 4520
Aspire 4720TravelMate 5320TravelMate 5510
TravelMate 6492Alpha 550 SeriesAspire 1200 Series
Ferrari 3200Ferrari 3000TravelMate 200 Series
TravelMate 3273WXMiTravelMate 270 SeriesTravelMate 320 Series
Aspire 1500 SeriesAspire 1600 SeriesTravelMate 2000 Series
TravelMate 240 SeriesTravelMate 250 SeriesTravelMate 2500 Series
TravelMate 3000 SeriesTravelMate 250PE SeriesAspire 9815WKMi
Aspire 1520 SeriesAspire 1660 SeriesAspire 1670 Series
Aspire 5010 SeriesAspire 9800 SeriesAspire 9810 Series
Travelmate 2100 SeriesTravelmate 2200 SeriesTravelmate 2600 Series
Travelmate 2700 SeriesAspire 9920GTravelMate 330 Series
TravelMate 350 SeriesTravelMate 360 SeriesTravelMate 370 Series
TravelMate 380 SeriesTravelMate 510 SeriesTravelMate 530 Series
TravelMate 550 SeriesTravelMate 600 SeriesTravelMate 610 Series
TravelMate 620 SeriesTravelMate 630 SeriesTravelMate 660 Series
TravelMate 710 SeriesTravelMate 720 SeriesTravelMate 730 Series
TravelMate 740 SeriesTravelMate 800 SeriesTravelMate 4100 Series
TravelMate 4200WLMiTravelMate 4150 SeriesTravelMate 4202
TravelMate 4202WLMiTravelMate 4650 SeriesTravelMate 5672WLMi
TravelMate 6000 SeriesTravelMate 8000 SeriesTravelMate 8204
TravelMate 8100 SeriesTravelMate 8200 SeriesTravelMate C204TMi
TravelMate C300 SeriesTravelMate K-550 SeriesTravelMate 4200 series
TravelMate 4220 seriesTravelMate 4230 seriesTravelMate 4400 series
TravelMate 4670 seriesTravelMate 5610 seriesTravelMate 5620 series
TravelMate 6410 seriesTravelMate 6460 seriesTravelMate 8210 series
Aspire 1410 SeriesAspire 1640 SeriesAspire 1640
Aspire 1640ZAspire 1650 SeriesAspire 1680 Series
Aspire 1690 SeriesAspire 2000 SeriesAspire 2010 Series
Aspire 2020 SeriesAspire 3000 SeriesAspire 3010 Series
Aspire 3020 SeriesAspire 3030 SeriesAspire 3040 Series
Aspire 3050 SeriesAspire 3050Aspire 3100
Aspire 3200 SeriesAspire 3500 SeriesAspire 3510 Series
Aspire 3610 SeriesAspire 3620 SeriesAspire 3630 Series
Aspire 3640 SeriesAspire 3650 SeriesAspire 3660 Series
Aspire 3670 SeriesAspire 3680 SeriesAspire 4710
Aspire 5000 SeriesAspire 5020 SeriesAspire 5030 Series
Aspire 5040 SeriesAspire 5050 SeriesAspire 5050
Aspire 5100 SeriesAspire 5100Aspire 5110 Series
Aspire 5500 SeriesAspire 5510 SeriesAspire 5550 Series
Aspire 5560 SeriesAspire 5570 SeriesAspire 5570
Aspire 5580 SeriesAspire 5580Aspire 5590 Series
Aspire 5610Aspire 5620 SeriesAspire 5630
Aspire 5670 SeriesAspire 5680Aspire 5690
Aspire 5720Aspire 7000 SeriesAspire 7100 Series
Aspire 7100Aspire 7520Aspire 9100 Series
Aspire 9110 SeriesAspire 9120 SeriesAspire 9300
Aspire 9400 SeriesAspire 9400Aspire 9500 Series
Aspire 9520 SeriesFerrari 1000 SeriesFerrari 3000 Series
Ferrari 3200 SeriesFerrari 3400 SeriesFerrari 5000 Series
Ferrari 5000Travelmate 2300 SeriesTravelmate 2310 Series
Travelmate 2350 SeriesTravelmate 2400 SeriesTravelmate 2410 Series
Travelmate 2420 SeriesTravelmate 2420Travelmate 2430 Series
Travelmate 2430Travelmate 2440 SeriesTravelmate 2440
Travelmate 2450 SeriesTravelmate 2450Travelmate 2460 Series
Travelmate 2470 SeriesTravelmate 2480 SeriesTravelmate 2480
Travelmate 2490 SeriesTravelmate 3000 SeriesTravelmate 3010 Series
Travelmate 3010Travelmate 3020 SeriesTravelmate 3030 Series
Travelmate 3040 SeriesTravelmate 3200 SeriesTravelmate 3210 Series
Travelmate 3220 SeriesTravelmate 3230 SeriesTravelmate 3240 Series
Travelmate 3250 SeriesTravelmate 3260 SeriesTravelmate 3260
Travelmate 3270 SeriesTravelmate 3280 SeriesTravelmate 3290 Series
Travelmate 3300 SeriesTravelmate 3900 SeriesTravelmate 4000 Series
Travelmate 4010 SeriesTravelmate 4020 SeriesTravelmate 4050 Series
Travelmate 4060 SeriesTravelmate 4070 SeriesTravelmate 4070
Travelmate 4080 SeriesTravelmate 4200Travelmate 4210 Series
Travelmate 4220Travelmate 4230Travelmate 4260 Series
Travelmate 4270 SeriesTravelmate 4280 SeriesTravelmate 4320
Travelmate 4500 SeriesTravelmate 4600 SeriesTravelmate 4650
Travelmate 4670Travelmate 4720Travelmate 5100 Series
Travelmate 5100Travelmate 5110 SeriesTravelmate 5520
Travelmate 5600 SeriesTravelmate 5600Travelmate 5710
Travelmate 5720Travelmate 6291Travelmate 6292
Travelmate 6410Travelmate 6460Travelmate 6500 Series
Travelmate 8100Travelmate 8200Travelmate 8210
Travelmate C100 SeriesTravelmate C110 SeriesTravelmate C200 Series
Travelmate C210 SeriesTravelmate C300 SeriesTravelmate C310 Series
Travelmate® Tablets C200Travelmate® Tablets C300Travelmate® Tablets C310
Aspire 4315Aspire 7720Aspire 1650Z
Aspire 1690-IIAspire 9302Aspire 1810TZ
Aspire Timeline 1810TAspire 6930GAspire One 532h-2Ds
Aspire 5536Aspire 5536GAspire 5935
Aspire 5949Aspire 7540GAspire 8540G
Aspire 8735GAspire 8735ZGAspire TimelineX 4820TG
Aspire One 521Aspire One 532Aspire One 532h-W123
Aspire One 533Aspire One 753Aspire One D260
5949Aspire 4220GAspire 4320G
Aspire 4330Aspire 4520GAspire 4710G
Aspire 4710ZGAspire 4720GAspire 4730ZG
Aspire 4741GAspire 4930GAspire 5520G
Aspire 5530GAspire 5540Aspire 5610Z
Aspire 5710GAspire 5710ZGAspire 5730ZG
Aspire 5910GAspire 5930GAspire 6920G
Aspire 7220Aspire 7520GAspire 7720G
Aspire 7730GAspire 7730ZGAspire 8920G
Aspire 8920g-6A4G32BnAspire 9410ZExtensa 4120
Extensa 5630GExtensa 7620GExtensa 7630G
Ferrari FR5000TravelMate 4730GTravelMate 5220G
TravelMate 5520GTravelMate 5530GTravelMate 5710G
TravelMate 5720GTravelMate 5730GTravelMate 6592G
TravelMate 7220TravelMate 7220GTravelMate 7510
TravelMate 7520GTravelMate 7530GTravelMate 7720G
TravelMate 7730GAspire 1420PAspire 1430
Aspire 1551Aspire 1820PTAspire 1825PTZ
Aspire 1830TAspire 2930Aspire 3410
Aspire 4230Aspire 4232Aspire 4251
Aspire 4530Aspire 4553Aspire 4730Z
Aspire 4741Aspire 4745Aspire 4930
Aspire 5230Aspire 5235Aspire 5236
Aspire 5330Aspire 5332Aspire 5530
Aspire 5730ZAspire 5732ZAspire 5735
Aspire 5735ZAspire 5740Aspire 5740G
Aspire 5820TAspire 5930Aspire 6530
Aspire 6920Aspire 7230Aspire 7330
Aspire 7530Aspire 7530GAspire 7535
Aspire 7730ZAspire 7736Aspire 7740
Aspire 7740GAspire 7741Aspire 7741G
Aspire 7741ZAspire 7741ZGAspire 7745
Aspire 7745GAspire 7745ZAspire 8540
Aspire 8735Aspire One 531Aspire One 533- 23571
Aspire One 721Aspire One 721-3574Aspire One D1X0
Aspire One D2X0Aspire One Pro531Extensa 4220
Extensa 4620Extensa 5220Extensa 5620
Extensa 5630Extensa 7220Extensa 7620
Ferrari FR1000Ferrari FR1100Ferrari One 200
TravelMate 5230TravelMate 5340TravelMate 5440
TravelMate 5530TravelMate 5730TravelMate 5740
TravelMate 7230TravelMate 7340TravelMate 7530
TravelMate 7730TravelMate 7740TravelMate 8132
TravelMate 8372TAspire 1810TAspire 5515
Aspire One ZG5TravelMate C111TiAspire 3820TG
Aspire 4820TGAspire 5750GAspire 5750G-2312G50
Aspire 5943GAspire 7551GAspire AS5552
Aspire AS5552GTravelMate 6594GTravelMate 8372G
TravelMate 8472GTravelMate 8572TravelMate 8572G
Aspire 3820TAspire 4252Aspire 4333
Aspire 4535Aspire 4540Aspire 4551
Aspire 4552Aspire 4732ZAspire 4733Z
Aspire 4736ZAspire 4738Aspire 4738Z
Aspire 4745ZAspire 4820TAspire 5251
Aspire 5252Aspire 5253Aspire 5320
Aspire 5334Aspire 5335Aspire 5336
Aspire 5516Aspire 5517Aspire 5532
Aspire 5542Aspire 5551Aspire 5552
Aspire 5736ZAspire 5738Aspire 5738DG
Aspire 5738GAspire 5738PGAspire 5738Z
Aspire 5738ZGAspire 5741Aspire 5741Z
Aspire 5742Aspire 5742GAspire 5742Z
Aspire 5745Aspire 6930Aspire 6935
Aspire 7551Aspire 7735Aspire 7735Z
Aspire 7736ZAspire Timeline 3810TAspire Timeline 3820T
Aspire Timeline 4810TAspire Timeline 4820TAspire Timeline 5810T
Extensa 4420Extensa 4620ZExtensa 4630
Extensa 4630ZExtensa 5230Extensa 5230E
Extensa 5235Extensa 5420Extensa 5430
Extensa 5620ZExtensa 5630ZExtensa 5635
Extensa 5635ZExtensa 7630TravelMate 4740
TravelMate 5330TravelMate 5542TravelMate 5742
TravelMate 5742ZTravelMate 6293TravelMate 6493
TravelMate 6594TravelMate 8372TravelMate 8472
TravelMate 8572TTravelMate Timeline 8471TravelMate Timeline 8571
TravelMate 5730-663G32MnAspire 3830TGAspire 4750G
Aspire 4755GAspire 4830TGAspire 5542G
Aspire 5551GAspire 5552GAspire 5553G
Aspire 5560GAspire 5739GAspire 5740DG
Aspire 5741GAspire 5745GAspire 5745PG
Aspire 5755GAspire 5820TGAspire 5830TG
Aspire 6530GAspire 6935GAspire 7720Z
Aspire 7738GAspire 8530Aspire 8730
Aspire 8730GAspire 8930GTravelMate 5740G
TravelMate 6593Aspire OneAspire One 532h-2067
Aspire One 532h-2206Aspire One 532h-2223Aspire One 532h-2242
Aspire One 532h-2268Aspire One 532h-2288Aspire One 532h-2298
Aspire One 532h-2309Aspire One 532h-2326Aspire One 532h-2333
Aspire One 532h-2382Aspire One 532h-2406Aspire One 532h-2527
Aspire One 532h-2575Aspire One 532h-2588Aspire One 532h-2594
Aspire One 532h-2622Aspire One 532h-2630Aspire One 532h-2676
Aspire One 532h-2727Aspire One 532h-2730Aspire One 532h-2742
Aspire One 532h-2789Aspire One 532h-2806Aspire One 532h-2807
Aspire One 532h-2825Aspire One 532h-2938Aspire One 532h-2942
Aspire One 532h-2962Aspire One 532h-2964Aspire One 532h-2997
Aspire One 532h-2BbAspire One 532h-2BsAspire One 532h-2Db
Aspire One 532h-2DrAspire One 532h-B123Aspire One 532h-B123F
Aspire One 532h-CBW123GAspire One 532h-CPK11Aspire One 532h-CPR11
Aspire One 532h-CPW11Aspire One 532h-R123Aspire One 532h-W123F
Aspire One 533-23571Aspire One A110Aspire One A150
Aspire One Pro 531Aspire One 532h-CBK123GAspire 1830
Aspire 4739Aspire 4739ZAspire 4743
Aspire 4743ZAspire 4750Aspire 4752
Aspire 4752ZAspire 4810TAspire 4810TZ
Aspire 5250Aspire 5333Aspire 5349
Aspire 5350Aspire 5534Aspire 5538
Aspire 5733Aspire 5733ZAspire 5749
Aspire 5749ZAspire 5750Aspire 5750Z
Aspire 5755Aspire 5810TAspire 5810TZ
Aspire 7250Aspire 7560Aspire 7560G
Aspire 7739Aspire 7739GAspire 7739Z
Aspire 7750Aspire 7750ZAspire One 522
Aspire One 532hAspire One 722Aspire One D255
Aspire One HAPPYAspire One HAPPY2Aspire S3-951
TravelMate 4740ZTravelMate 4750TravelMate 5744
TravelMate 5760TravelMate 7750TravelMate 7750G
TravelMate 8172TravelMate 8172TTravelMate 8172Z
TravelMate 8371TravelMate 8471TravelMate 8571
Aspire TimelineX 3830TGAspire TimelineX 4830TGAspire TimelineX 5830T
Aspire 5951GAspire 8951GAspire One 531h
Aspire One 751hAspire One 752Aspire One P531h
Aspire 7745-5602Aspire 3935Aspire 3935-6504
Aspire 3935-744G25MnAspire 3935-864G32MnAspire 3935-CF61
Aspire 3935-CF61FAspire One D257Aspire S3
Aspire S5Chromebook AC700TravelMate 8481
Travelmate 8372TGTravelmate 8372ZTravelmate 8481G
Travelmate 8481TTravelmate 8481TGAspire 4339
Aspire 4349Aspire 4352Aspire 4560
Aspire 4830TAspire E1-421Aspire E1-431
Aspire E1-471Aspire E1-531Aspire M5-481T
Aspire M5-481TGAspire M5-581TAspire M5-581TG
Aspire S3-391Aspire V3-471Aspire V3-551
Aspire V3-571Aspire V3-771Aspire V5-431
Aspire V5-531Aspire V5-471Aspire V5-571
TravelMate P243-MAspire 7750GAspire 7750G-7674G75Mnkk
Aspire V3-471GAspire V3-551GAspire V3-571G
Aspire 1830TZAspire 8935GAspire E1-521
Aspire E1-571Aspire M5-481GAspire One 725
Aspire One 756Aspire One D270Aspire V5-171
Aspire V5-471GAspire V5-531GAspire V5-551
Aspire V5-551GAspire V5-571GTravelMate 6595T
TravelMate 8473TTravelMate 8573TTravelMate P633-M
TravelMate Timeline 8372T-484G32MnkkTravelmate P453-MAspire S7
Aspire S7-191Aspire S7-191-6640Aspire S7-191-6859
Aspire S7-391Aspire S7-391-53314G12awsAspire S7-391-6478
Aspire S7-391-6810Aspire S7-391-6822Aspire S7-391-73514G25aws
Aspire S7-391-9839Aspire S7-391-9864Aspire S7-391-9886
TravelMate B113TravelMate B113-ETravelMate B113-E-4470
TravelMate B113-E-967B4G32ikkTravelMate B113-MTravelMate B113-M-323a4G32ikk
TravelMate B113-M-33214G50ikkTravelMate B113-M-6460TravelMate B113-M-6825
Aspire S7 11"Aspire S7 13"Aspire Timeline 3810
Aspire V5-171-323a4G50assAspire V5-171-53316G50assAspire V5-171-6422
Aspire V5-171-6675Aspire V5-171-73518G50assAspire V5-171-9661
Aspire V5-431-4689Aspire V5-431-987B4G50MabbAspire V5-471P-53314G50Mass
Aspire V5-471P-6852Aspire V5-551-64454G50MassAspire V5-551-7850
Aspire V5-551-8401Aspire V5-551-84554G50MassAspire V5-571-32364G50Makk
Aspire V5-571-323a6G75MassAspire M3Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-581TG
Aspire Timeline Ultra M5
How to pick the right laptop AC adapters

All new laptops come with AC Adapters. Adapters are used for charging laptop batteries and also used to supply power directly. There are occasions which we require to buy an AC adapter. Most laptop users travel, for those travel to Europe or US they require AC adapters that take 100-240 voltage input and output 16 voltage or 19 voltage.

Let us present 3 easy steps to pick the right laptop AC adapters.

1. Finding the right "tips" - Different laptops have different connectors. You need the right tip for your laptop. This is very simply to find. Basically, laptop AC adapters comprise of 2 ends. One end is male power outlet. You use this end to plug into wall power outlet. The other end is called "TIP" which you will plug this tip into the "DC IN" in your laptop.

Your laptop won't work on the wrong tip. You can only use the " matching Tips"

Warning : DO NOT try to force it in.

2. Finding the right "output voltage" - Different laptops were designed to consume power varied by equipments such as CD-Rom, LCD size, CPU maker and CPU speed. You require to use the "matching voltage" . Only use the laptop AC adapters output the matching voltage of your laptops. You can easily locate your laptop voltage. Mostly, voltage is printed on your laptops. You also can check your laptop manual.

3. Find the right "input voltage" - for those users who will travel abroad especially to Europe and Asia. You would need laptop AC adapters that Replacement with 220-240 voltage also. So it would be wise...and yes...you are!!.... Always look for AC adapters accept 100~240 voltages. 100~240 voltages AC adapters will go with you worldwide. You do not need to carry 2 adapters anymore!!!.

That's easy!!! You now know the basic knowledge to find your laptop AC adapters.

Better yet!!! AC adapter manufacturers are now promoting "universal AC adapters" .

This emerging adapters can be used with multiple devices. They can accept 100~240 input voltages and also adjust the output voltage to match device automatically.

Disclaimer: The adapters supplied by our Company are [replacement for] sold for use with certain products of computer manufacturers, and any reference to products or trademarks of such companies is purely for the purpose of identifying the computer manufacturers with which our products [are replacement for] may be used. Our Company and this Website are neither affiliated with, authorized by, licensed by, distributors for, nor related in any way to these computer manufacturers, nor are the products offered for sale through our Website manufactured by or sold with the authorization of the manufacturers of the computers with which our products [are replacement for] may be used.

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