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We supply quality APPLE AC adapters for your laptops are sold at a low price!.

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We ship to UK and Ireland destinations.
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Laptop AC Adapter for APPLE

Ultimate Electronics Online(UK) offers Cheap APPLE AC adapters. High quality APPLE AC adapters from us are brand new, we provide one year warranty for them. Order from us, save more money!

Please select your APPLE adaptor model/part number below to find a suitable replacement
PowerBook 3400 seriesPowerBook 1400 seriesPowerBook 2400 series
PowerBook 3400 seriesiBook M2453 seriesPOWERBOOK M8758
iBook 12.1iBook 14iBook 14.1" LCD
iBook 14.1" LCD 16 VRAMiBook 14.1 LCD 32 VRAMiBook 32 VRAM
iBook Crystal White SeriesiBook Late 2001 ModeliBook Opaque White 16 VRAM
iBook Snow White SeriesPowerBook G4 Series (12" Screen)PowerBook G4 Series (12.1" TFT Wide Screen)
PowerBook G4 Series (15" Aluminum)PowerBook G4 Series (15" Titanium)PowerBook G4 Series (15.2" TFT Screen)
PowerBook G4 Series (17" Screen)PowerBook G4 Series (Aluminum)PowerBook G4 Series (DVI)
PowerBook G4 Series (Gigabit Ethernet)PowerBook G4 Series (Titanium)iBook Clamshell
iBook FireWire SeriesiBook Blueberry SeriesiBook Graphite Series
iBook Indigo SeriesiBook Lime Green SeriesiBook Tangerine Series
PowerBook 1400 SeriesPowerBook 2300 SeriesPowerBook 3400 Series
PowerBook Duo 2300 SeriesPowerBook FireWire Series (M7712LL/A)PowerBook G3 Series (1997 Models)
PowerBook G3 Series (1998 Models)PowerBook G3 Series (19992000 Models)
PowerBook G3 Series (Bronze Keyboard)PowerBook G3 Series (Early Original G3 Model)PowerBook G3 Series (FireWire)
PowerBook G3 Series (Lombard)PowerBook G3 Series (Lumbard)PowerBook G3 Series (Pismo)
PowerBook G3 Series (Wall Street)iBook 12.1 Screen Dual USBiBook 14 Dual USB Opaque White
iBook 14.1 LCD 16 VRAMiBook 14.1 LCDPowerBook G4 Series (12 Screen)
PowerBook G4 Series (12.1 TFT Wide Screen)PowerBook G4 Series (15 Aluminum)PowerBook G4 Series (15 Titanium)
PowerBook G4 Series (15.2 TFT Screen)PowerBook G4 Series (17 Screen)M7332
M7387LL/APowerBook G3 Series (1999 2000 Models)M4402
M7387LL/APowerBook G3 Series (1999 Models)PowerBook G3 Series (2000 Models)
MacBook Air SereisMacBook Air A1237MacBook Air A1304
MacBook Air MC233TA/AMacBook Air MC234TA/AMacBook Air
MacBook Air MC233LL/AMacBook Air MC234LL/AMacBook Air MC233*/A
MacBook Air MC234*/AMacBook Air MC233J/AMacBook Air MC234J/A
MacBook Air MC233X/AMacBook Air MC234X/AMacBook Air MC233ZP/A
MacBook Air MC234ZP/AMacBook Air MC233CH/AMacBook Air MC234CH/A
MacBook Air 13" SereisMacBook Air 13" A1237MacBook Air 13' A1304
MacBook Air 13" MB003LL/AMacBook Air 13" MB003MacBook Air 13" MB003J/A
MacBook Air 13" MB003X/AMacBook Air 13" MB003ZP/AMacBook Air 13" MB003TA/A
MacBook Air 13" Z0FS£¬MacBook Air 13" MC233LL/AMacBook Air 13" MC234LL/AMacBook Air 13" MC233*/A
MacBook Air 13" MC234*/AMacBook Air 13" MC233X/AMacBook Air 13" MC234X/A
MacBook Air 13" MC233ZP/AMacBook Air 13" MC234ZP/AMacBook Air 13" MC233TA/A
MacBook Air 13" MC234TA/AMacBook Air 13" MC233CH/AMacBook Air 13" MC234CH/A
MacBook Air 13" MC503LL/AMacBook Air 13" MC504LL/AMacBook Air 13" MC504J/A
MacBook Air 13" MC503X/AMacBook Air 13" MC504X/AMacBook Air 13" MC503ZP/A
MacBook Air 13" MC504ZP/AMacBook Air 13" MC503TA/AMacBook Air 13" MC504TA/A
MacBook Air 13" A1369MacBook Air 13" MC503J/AMacBook Air 13" MC503CH/A
MacBook Air 11" Sereis MacBook Air 11" A1370MacBook Air 11" MC505LL/AMacBook Air 11" MC506LL/A
MacBook Air 11" MC505 J/AMacBook Air 11" MC506 J/AMacBook Air 11" MC505CH/A
MacBook Air 11" MC506CH/AMacBook Air 11" MC505ZP/AMacBook Air 11" MC506ZP/A
MacBook Air 11" MC505TA/AMacBook Air 11" MC506TA/AMacBook Air 11" MC505X/A
MacBook Air 11" MC506X/AMacBook 13" SereisMacBook 13" A1181
MacBook 13" A1278MacBook 13" MB466*/AMacBook 13" MB467*/A
MacBook 13" MB466J/AMacBook 13" Aluminum UnibodyMacBook 13" MB466LL/A
MacBook 13" MB467LL/AMacBook 13" MB467J/AMacBook 13" MB466X/A
MacBook 13" MB467X/AMacBook 13" MB466CH/AMacBook 13" MB467CH/A
MacBook 13" MA254MacBook 13" MA254B/AMacBook 13" MA254F/A
MacBook 13" MA254J/AMacBook 13" MA254X/AMacBook 13" MA254LL/A
MacBook 13" MA254CH/AMacBook 13" MA254TA/AMacBook 13" MA254SA/A
MacBook 13" MA254*/AMacBook 13" MA255MacBook 13" MA255B/A
MacBook 13" MA255F/AMacBook 13" MA255J/AMacBook 13" MA255X/A
MacBook 13" MA255LL/AMacBook 13" MA255CH/AMacBook 13" MA255TA/A
MacBook 13" MA255SA/AMacBook 13" MA255*/AMacBook 13" MA699
MacBook 13" MA699CH/AMacBook 13" MA699TA/AMacBook 13" MA699*/A
MacBook 13" MA699LL/AMacBook 13" MA699X/AMacBook 13" MA699B/A
MacBook 13" MA699J/AMacBook 13" MA700MacBook 13" MA700CH/A
MacBook 13" MA700TA/AMacBook 13" MA700*/AMacBook 13" MA700LL/A
MacBook 13" MA700X/AMacBook 13" MA700B/AMacBook 13" MA700J/A
MacBook 13" MB061LL/AMacBook 13" MB062LL/AMacBook 13" MB061B/A
MacBook 13" MB062B/AMacBook 13" MB061*/AMacBook 13" MB062*/A
MacBook 13" MB061J/AMacBook 13" MB062J/AMacBook 13" MB061X/A
MacBook 13" MB062X/AMacBook 13" MB061CH/AMacBook 13" MB062CH/A
MacBook 13" MB402LL/AMacBook 13" MB403LL/AMacBook 13" MB402*/A
MacBook 13" MB403*/AMacBook 13" MB402J/AMacBook 13" MB403J/A
MacBook 13" MB402B/AMacBook 13" MB403B/AMacBook 13" MB402X/A
MacBook 13" MB403X/AMacBook 13" MB881LL/AMacBook 13" MC374LL/A
MacBook 13" MC375LL/AMacBook 13" MA472MacBook 13" MA472B/A
MacBook 13" MA472F/AMacBook 13" MA472J/AMacBook 13" MA472X/A
MacBook 13" MA472LL/AMacBook 13" MA472CH/AMacBook 13" MA472TA/A
MacBook 13" MA472SA/AMacBook 13" MA472*/AMacBook 13" MA701
MacBook 13" MA701CH/AMacBook 13" MA701X/AMacBook 13" MA701LL/A
MacBook 13" MA701*/AMacBook 13" MA701TA/AMacBook 13" MA701B/A
MacBook 13" MA701J/AMacBook 13" MB063LL/AMacBook 13" MB063B/A
MacBook 13" MB063*/AMacBook 13" MB063J/AMacBook 13" MB063X/A
MacBook 13" MB063CH/AMacBook 13" MB404LL/AMacBook 13" MB404*/A
MacBook 13" MB404J/AMacBook 13" MB404B/AMacBook 13" MB404X/A
MacBook Pro 13" SeriesMacBook Pro 13" A1278MacBook Pro 13" Precision Aluminum Unibody
MacBook Pro 13" MB990LL/AMacBook Pro 13" MB991LL/AMacBook Pro 13" MB991J/A
MacBook Pro 13" MB990CH/AMacBook Pro 13" MB991CH/AMacBook Pro 13" MB990ZP/A
MacBook Pro 13" MB991ZP/AMacBook Pro 13" MB990TA/AMacBook Pro 13" MB990*/A
MacBook Pro 13" MB991*/AMacBook Pro 13" MB990J/AMacBook Pro 13" MB991TA/A
MacBook Pro 13"MacBook Pro 13" MC374*/AMacBook Pro 13" MC374CH/A
MacBook Pro 13" MC374J/A MacBook Pro 13" MC374LL/AMacBook Pro 13" MC374TA/AMacBook Pro 13" MC374X/A
MacBook Pro 13" MC374ZP/AMacBook Pro 13" MC375*/AMacBook Pro 13" MC375CH/A
MacBook Pro 13" MC375J/AMacBook Pro 13" MC375LL/AMacBook Pro 13" MC375TA/A
MacBook Pro 13" MC375X/AMacBook Pro 13" MC375ZP/AMacBook Pro13" MB990
MacBook Pro13" MB991MacBook Pro13" MB991X/AMacBook Pro13" MB990X/A
MacBook Air 11" A1370MacBook Pro 13" MC374J/AMacBook Pro 13" MC374LL/A
iBook A1007PowerBook G4 15" A1001PowerBook G4 15" A1095
PowerBook G3 14" M5343iBook G3 A1005MacBook Air 13" Z0FS
MacBook Air 13" MC233LL/AMacBook Pro 13" MB990MacBook Pro 13" MB991
MacBook Pro 13" MB990X/AMacBook Pro 13" MB991X/AMacBook 13" MB061LL/B
MacBook 13" A1344MacBook MB062LL/BMacBook MB063LL/B
How to pick the right laptop AC adapters

All new laptops come with AC Adapters. Adapters are used for charging laptop batteries and also used to supply power directly. There are occasions which we require to buy an AC adapter. Most laptop users travel, for those travel to Europe or US they require AC adapters that take 100-240 voltage input and output 16 voltage or 19 voltage.

Let us present 3 easy steps to pick the right laptop AC adapters.

1. Finding the right "tips" - Different laptops have different connectors. You need the right tip for your laptop. This is very simply to find. Basically, laptop AC adapters comprise of 2 ends. One end is male power outlet. You use this end to plug into wall power outlet. The other end is called "TIP" which you will plug this tip into the "DC IN" in your laptop.

Your laptop won't work on the wrong tip. You can only use the " matching Tips"

Warning : DO NOT try to force it in.

2. Finding the right "output voltage" - Different laptops were designed to consume power varied by equipments such as CD-Rom, LCD size, CPU maker and CPU speed. You require to use the "matching voltage" . Only use the laptop AC adapters output the matching voltage of your laptops. You can easily locate your laptop voltage. Mostly, voltage is printed on your laptops. You also can check your laptop manual.

3. Find the right "input voltage" - for those users who will travel abroad especially to Europe and Asia. You would need laptop AC adapters that Replacement with 220-240 voltage also. So it would be wise...and yes...you are!!.... Always look for AC adapters accept 100~240 voltages. 100~240 voltages AC adapters will go with you worldwide. You do not need to carry 2 adapters anymore!!!.

That's easy!!! You now know the basic knowledge to find your laptop AC adapters.

Better yet!!! AC adapter manufacturers are now promoting "universal AC adapters" .

This emerging adapters can be used with multiple devices. They can accept 100~240 input voltages and also adjust the output voltage to match device automatically.

Disclaimer: The adapters supplied by our Company are [replacement for] sold for use with certain products of computer manufacturers, and any reference to products or trademarks of such companies is purely for the purpose of identifying the computer manufacturers with which our products [are replacement for] may be used. Our Company and this Website are neither affiliated with, authorized by, licensed by, distributors for, nor related in any way to these computer manufacturers, nor are the products offered for sale through our Website manufactured by or sold with the authorization of the manufacturers of the computers with which our products [are replacement for] may be used.

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