HP Pavilion dv1600 Car charger
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Cheap Pavilion dv1600 Car charger

 Laptop car adapter for HP Pavilion dv1600
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Pavilion dv1600 Laptop Car charger

Head 1
Head A1
Product ID: ANB004A1
Input volts: 12V-13.5
Output volts:18V-20V
Car Charger for D199001
HP:PPP009S, 239427-001, 239704-001,PPP009H, 380467-003, 381090-001,DC359A, PPP009S,380467-004, 381090-001
COMPAQ:PPP009L, PA-1650-02H, 380467-001, 381090-001

Packaging: Adapter and Head A1  
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TouchSmart tx2-1375dxTX1000
Business Notebook nc4000Business Notebook nc4010Business Notebook nc4200
Business Notebook nc6000Business Notebook nc6120Business Notebook nc6220
Business Notebook nc6230Business Notebook nc8000Business Notebook nc8230
Business Notebook nw8000Business Notebook nw8200Business Notebook nw8240
Business Notebook nx5000Business Notebook nx6110Business Notebook nx6120
Business Notebook nx6125Business Notebook nx7000Business Notebook nx7010
Business Notebook nx8220Business Notebook nx9000 SeriesBusiness Notebook nx9020
Business Notebook nx9030Business Notebook nx9040Business Notebook zt3200
Business Notebook zt3201USBusiness Tablet PC tc4200Mobile Workstation nw8000
Mobile Workstation nx8240Notebook nc6110Tablet PC M2000
Tablet PC TC1000Tablet PC TC1100
DreamBook Lite
Windrover 7400

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