HP Pavilion dv3-2232tx Car charger
Buy HP Pavilion dv3-2232tx Car charger today save 25%.
 Cheap Pavilion dv3-2232tx Car charger 
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Cheap Pavilion dv3-2232tx Car charger

 Laptop car adapter for HP Pavilion dv3-2232tx
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Pavilion dv3-2232tx Laptop Car charger

Head 24
Head C24
Product ID: ANB018C24
Input volts: 12V ~ 13.5V
Output volts:19V
Power:45 ~ 155W
Car Charger for
Packaging: Adapter and Head C24  
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In stock!

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This 45 ~ 155W Pavilion dv3-2232tx Car charger, We provide high-quality low-price car charger, UK Store fast shipping.

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