SAMSUNG Laptop Car Power Adapter
SAMSUNG laptop car power adapters at ultimate electronics online(UK). Same-day shipping and 1-year warranty.
 SAMSUNG Laptop DC Car Power Adapters At Ultimate Electronics Online(UK)Merry Christmas! - Offer Up to 35%! 
We ship to UK and Ireland destinations.
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Laptop Car Adapter for SAMSUNG Laptop

Ultimate Electronics Online(UK) sells cheap SAMSUNG laptop car power adapters. All car power adapters from us are brand new with 1-year warranty!

Please select your SAMSUNG model below to find a suitable replacement Laptop DC (in-car) Adaptor
6000 8000GS 8000SN
8000VN A10 A10 DXT
A10 XTC AD-9019 Aegis 200B
Aegis 400B Aegis 600B Aquila
Aquila C Corona GT6000
GT6000 Series GT6330 GT6330XT
GT6360 GT6360XT GT6400
GT6400XV GT7000 GT7000 Series
GT7700 GT7700 Series GT8000
GT8000 Series GT8100 GT8100 Series
GT8600 GT8600XT GT8650
GT8650XT GT8700 GT8700XT
GT8750 GT8750XT GT8750XV
GT8800 GT8800XT GT8800XV
GT8850 GT8850XT GT8850XTD
GT8900 GT8900DXV GT8900XTR
GT8910 GT8910KXV GT9000
GT9000 PRO M40 M40 plus
M50 M55G000/SUK M55-Pro T2500 Breetoo
M55-Pro T7200 Booker M55T000 M55T000/SUK
M55T001 N110-12PBK N110-anyNet N270 BBT
N120-12GBK N120-12GW N120-anyNet N270 BBT
N120-anyNet N270 BN59 N120-anyNet N270 WBT N120-anyNet N270 WN59
N130-13B N130-13P N130-anyNet N270B3N
N130-anyNet N270 B3N N130-anyNet N270BN N130-anyNet N270 BN7
N130-anyNet N270 WN N130-anyNet N270 WN7 N130-anyNet N280BN
N140-14B N140-14R N140-anyNet N270
N140-anyNet N270 BNBT21 N140-anyNet N270 WNBT21 N143
N148 N150 N150-Eliah
N150-Endi N150-Eom 3G N150-JP01AU
N150-JP03AU N150-KP01AU N150 Plus
N220 N220-11 N220-JA01
N220-JA02 N220-Maroh N220-Marvel
N220-Mito N230 N270 A
N310 N310-13GB N310-13GO
N310-anyNet N270 BBT N310-anyNet N270 MBT N315
N350 N510-13P N510-anyNet N270 BBT21
N510-anyNet N270 WBT21 N510-BN7BT N510-Mika
N510-Mika 3G N510-Mila N510-Mino
NB30 NB30-Pro Palm NB30-Pro Palm Touch
NC10 NC-10 NC10-11GP
NC10-12PWBK NC10-13 NC10-13GB
NC10-13P NC10-14GB NC10-14GBK
NC10-14GW NC10-anyNet NC10-anyNet N270 A
NC10-anyNet N270 B NC10-anyNet N270 BBT NC10-anyNet N270 BH
NC10-anyNet N270W NC10-anyNet N270 W NC10-anyNet N270 WBT
NC10-anyNet N270 WH NC110-A01 NC110-A02
NC20 NC-20 NC20-21GBK
NC20-anyNet U2250 WBT NF110 NF210
NF210-A01 NF210-A02 NF210-A03
NF310-A01 NP200B NP200B4A-A02US
NP200B4AI NP200B4B-S08 NP200B5AI
NP30 NP-30 NP350U2A-A03HK
NP350U2B350U2A-A03P NP400B NP400B2B-A05
NP400B4A-S01 NP400B5A-S01 NP400B5B-S03
NP600B NP600B4B-S03 NP-N110-KA01DE
NP-N120-KA01DE NP-N120-KA02DE NP-N120-KA05DE
NP-N120-KA06DE NP-N130-ET01DE NP-N130-JA01DE
NP-N130-JA02DE NP-N130-KA01DE NP-N130-KA02DE
NP-N130-KA03DE NP-N130-KA04DE NP-N140-KA01DE
NP-N140-KA03DE NP-N143 NP-N148
NP-N148-DP01PH NP-N148P NP-N150
NP-N150-HAZ1DE NP-N150-JA01AU NP-N150-JA02AU
NP-N150-JA02DE NP-N150-JA03DE NP-N150-JP01NZ
NP-N150-JP02NZ NP-N150-JP05AU NP-N150-KP02AU
NP-N150P NP-N220 NP-N220-HAT1AU
NP-N220-HAT2AU NP-N220-JA01AU NP-N220-JA01HK
NP-N220-JA01UA NP-N220-JA02DE NP-N220-JA02HK
NP-N220-JA02UA NP-N220-JA03 NP-N220-JA03DE
NP-N220-JA03HK NP-N220-JA04DE NP-N220-JB02UA
NP-N220-JB03DE NP-N220-JB04HK NP-N220-JP01DE
NP-N220-JP02DE NP-N220P NP-N230
NP-N230-JA01AT NP-N230-JA01CH NP-N230-JA01DE
NP-N230-JA01FR NP-N230-JA01PL NP-N230-JA01UK
NP-N230-JA02UK NP-N310 NP-N310-HAS1AU
NP-N310-JA01CH NP-N310-JA02UK NP-N310-JA03UK
NP-N310-KA01AU NP-N310-KA01DE NP-N310-KA01FR
NP-N310-KA01TR NP-N310-KA01UK NP-N310-KA02AU
NP-N310-KA02UK NP-N310-KA03AU NP-N310-KA03UK
NP-N315 NP-N315-JA01AT NP-N350
NP-N350-JA02FR NP-N350-JA03UK NP-N510-HAZ1DE
NP-N510-JA03DE NP-N510-JA05DE NP-N510-JB01DE
NP-N510-JB02DE NP-N510-KA02DE NP-N510-KA03DE
NP-NC20-KA02DE NP-NF110 NP-NF110-A01AT
NP-NF110-A01CH NP-NF110-A01CZ NP-NF110-A01DX
NP-NF110-A01TR NP-NF110-A01UK NP-NF110-A02FR
NP-NF110-A02TR NP-P230 NP-P330
NP-Q1U NP-Q230 NP-Q230-JS01CN
NP-Q230-JS02CN NP-Q230-JS03CN NP-Q230-JS05CN
NP-Q230-JS07CN NP-Q230-JS08CN NP-Q230-JS09CN
NP-Q30 NP-Q30 Plus NP-Q318
NP-Q320 NP-Q322 NP-Q330
NP-Q35 NP-Q45 NP-Q530
NP-Q530-JA01US NP-Q70 NP-QX310
NP-R423 NP-R428 NP-R429
NP-R430 NP-R431 NP-R439
NP-R440 NP-R458 NP-R460
NP-R462 NP-R463 NP-R464
NP-R465 NP-R466 NP-R467
NP-R468 NP-R470 NP-R478
NP-R480 NP-R50 NP-R522
NP-R522-FA01UK NP-R540I NP-R780VE
NP-RC410 NP-RC420 NP-RC425
NP-RF411 NP-RF511 NP-RF511-S04US
NP-RV408 NP-RV410 NP-RV508
NP-SF310 NP-SF311 NP-SF410
NP-SF411-A01 NP-SF411-A01US NP-SF411I
NP-X20 NP-X330 NP-X331
NP-X420-AA01DE NP-X420-FA02DE NP-X420-JA02DE
NP-X420-JA03D NP-X430 NP-X431
NP-X520-AA01DE NP-X520-FA03DE NP-X520-JB02DE
NP-X60 NT-N143 NT-N148
NT-N150 NT-N220 NT-N230
NT-N310 NT-N315 NT-N350
NT-NF110 NT-P230 NT-P330
NT-P428 NT-Q230 NT-Q318
NT-Q320 NT-Q322 NT-Q330
NT-QX310 NT-R423 NT-R428
NT-R429 NT-R430 NT-R431
NT-R439 NT-R440 NT-R458
NT-R460 NT-R462 NT-R463
NT-R464 NT-R465 NT-R466
NT-R467 NT-R468 NT-R470
NT-R478 NT-R480 NT-R522
NT-RC420 NT-RC425 NT-RF411
NT-RV408 NT-RV410 NT-RV508
NT-SF310 NT-X11 NT-X330
NT-X331 NT-X430 NT-X431
P230 P28 P30
P330 P35 P40
P428 P460-42P P460-44G
P460-44P P50 P50-Pro T2400 Tytahn
P50-Pro T2600 Tygah P50-Pro T5500 Tahlia P50T001
P50T001/SUK P50T002/SUK P50TV02
P560 P560-52P P560-54G
P560-54P P560-AA01NL P560 AA02
P560-AA02BE P560-AA02NL P560 AA03
P560-AA03BE P560-AA03NL P560 AA04
P560-AA04NL P560-AA05BE P560-HS01BE
Q1 Q1EX-71G Q1EX Ultra
Q1U Q1U-ELXP Q1 Ultra
Q1 Ultra - Q1U-V Q1UP-V Q1UP-XP
Q1U-XP Q210 AS01 Q210-AS01BE
Q210-AS01NL Q210-AS02BE Q210-AS03BE
Q210 AS05 Q210-AS05NL Q210-FA02BE
Q210 FS01 Q210-FS01NL Q230
Q230-JS01 Q230-JS01CN Q230-JS02
Q230-JS02CN Q230-JS03 Q230-JS03CN
Q230-JS05 Q230-JS05CN Q230-JS07
Q230-JS07CN Q230-JS08 Q230-JS08CN
Q230-JS09 Q230-JS09CN Q30
Q30 plus Q310-34G Q310-34P
Q310-AS03DE Q310-AS03TR Q318
Q320 Q320-32P Q322
Q330 Q35 Q40
Q430-JU01 Q530-JA01 Q530-JA02
QX310 QX410-J01 R20
R20-Aura T2350 Declan R20-Aura T7200 Deva R40
R423 R428 R429
R430 R431 R439
R440 R458 R45K002/SUK
R45/M00/SUK R45/M01/SUK R45-Pro 1730 Bizzlay
R45-Pro C1600 Buliena R45R001 R45R001/SUK
R45R002 R460 R462
R463 R464 R465
R466 R467 R468
R470 R478 R480
R50 R505-FS01BE R505 FS02
R505-FS02NL R505 FS03 R505-FS03DE
R505-FS03NL R505 FS04 R505-FS04NL
R510 AS01 R510-AS01BE R510-AS01NL
R510-AS02NL R510 AS04 R510-AS04BE
R510-AS04NL R510 AS05 R510-AS05BE
R510-AS05NL R510 AS07 R510-AS07NL
R510 AS08 R510-AS08NL R510 FA01
R510-FA01BE R510-FA01NL R510 FA02
R510-FA02BE R510-FA02N R510-FA03BE
R510-FA04BE R510 FA06 R510-FA06NL
R510 FA07 R510-FA07NL R510 FA09
R510-FA09NL R510 FA0E R510-FA0ENL
R510 FS01 R510-FS01BE R510-FS01NL
R510 FS08 R510-FS08NL R510 FS09
R510-FS09NL R510 FS0A R510-FS0ANL
R510 XS01 R510-XS01NL R522
R522-52S R522-Aura T6400 Satin R522-FS03DE
R540-JA02 R540-JA04 R540-JA05
R540-JA06 R55 R610-62G
R610-64G R610-6G R610-AS01BE
R610-AS01DE R610 AS02 R610-AS02BE
R610-AS02NL R610 AS03 R610-AS03BE
R610-AS03NL R610 AS04 R610-AS04NL
R610 AS05 R610-AS05BE R610-AS05NL
R610 AS06 R610-AS06BE R610-AS06NL
R610 AS07 R610-AS07NL R610 AS08
R610-AS08NL R610-FS01BE R610 FS02
R610-FS02NL R620-63G R65
R65T000/SUK R65T003/SUK R65TV01/SUK
R710 AS01 R710-AS01BE R710-AS01NL
R710 AS02 R710-AS02NL R710-AS03BE
R710-AS05BE R710-AS06BE R710 AS08
R710-AS08NL R710 AS0A R710-AS0ANL
R710 AS0B R710-AS0BNL R710 AS0D
R710-AS0DNL R710 FA01 R710-FA01NL
R710-FA02BE R710 FS01 R710-FS01BE
R710-FS01NL R780-JT01 RC410
RC420 RC425 RF411
RF510-S01 RF510-S02 RF511-S02
RF511-S03 RF511-S04 RF511-S05
RF511-S09 RV408 RV410
RV508 RV510-A01 Sens 10
Sens 500 Sens 690 Sens 700
Sens 700 Series Sens 8 Sens 800
Sens 800 Series Sens 810 Sens 820
Sens 830 Sens 900 Sens 950
Sens Pro 500 Sens Pro 505 Sens Pro 520
Sens Pro 521 Sens Pro 522 Sens Pro 523
Sens Pro 524 Sens Pro 525 Sens Pro 680
Sens Pro 850 Sens V10 SF310
SF311 SF410 SF410-A01
SF410-A02 SN6000 T10
V20 VM6000 VM6300
VM6300cT VM7000 VM7000 Series
VM7550 VM7550cT VM7600
VM7600cT VM7650 VM7650cT
VM7650cXTD VM7700 VM7700XTD
VM8000 VM8000 Series VM8080cXT
VM8090cT VM8090cXTD VM8095cX
VM8100 VM8100cX VM8100cXTD
VM8100 Series VM8100XTD VM8110cXTD
VM8110XTC WNBT21 X05
X05 Plus X1 X10
X10 plus X11 X1-1200 Bliss
X11c-T5600 Calest X11c-T7200 Carlin X11-Pro T2600 Baviall
X11-Pro T5500 Bugomi X11-Pro T7400 Bennett X11-T2300 Carl
X11-T2300 Culesa X11-T5500 CeSeba X120-Aura SU7300 Akio
X120-Aura SU7300 Avion X15 X15 plus
X20 X22 X30
X330 X331 X360-34G
X360-34P X360 AA02 X360-AA02DE
X360-AA02NL X360 AA03 X360-AA03BE
X360-AA03NL X360-AA07BE X420-Aura SU2700 Aven
X420-Aura SU3500 Anno X420-Aura SU4100 Kami X420-Aura SU4100 Logan
X430 X431 X460-41P
X460-41S X460-42PW X460-44G
X460-44P X460 AS03 X460-AS03NL
X460 FA01 X460-FA01BE X460-FA01N
X50 X50 WVM 2000 X520-Aura SU2700 Addi
X520-Aura SU3500 Alon X520-Aura SU4100 Akiva X60
X60-Pro T2600 Becudo X60-Pro T7200 Benito X60-Pro T7400 Boxxer
X60TV03 X60TZ01/SUK X60TZ02/SUK
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Any SAMSUNG Laptop Car Adapter You Purchase From Us Is Guaranteed!
  • 100% Brand New
  • Guaranteed to Meet Original Specifications
  • Full 1 Year Warranty

Our SAMSUNG Car adapter are made using the highest quality cells available and utilize all of the proper logic boards, thermal protectors, thermistors and circuit breakers to ensure the highest levels of battery safety, reliability and efficiency.

In order to guarantee optimal battery performance and life we recommend you read the new battery instructions below.

Knowledge About Laptop Car Adapter

What is a Laptop Car Adapter?
A laptop Car adapter is a device which enables the connection of a laptop PC to an automobile, in this specific example for the purpose of providing power to run the laptop and/or to recharge the laptop´s battery.

What can I use this for?
  - Charge your laptop battery while your on your way to that big meeting!
  - Take your office with you in the car! Run both your laptop and your printer with this auto adapter.
  - Give your kids someting to do besides fighting! Let the kids watch a movie on the DVD player, or play the Nintendo in your auto.
  - Run you laptop from any 12V DC source/car cigarette lighter socket. Fits major brand laptops such as Toshiba, IBM, Sony, Compaq, Dell and more.

Ultimate Electronics Online SAMSUNG laptop DC car power adapters at ultimate electronics online(UK)
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