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Battery Charger and Battery Hints-Tips

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Home » F.A.Q. » Battery Charger and Battery Hints-Tips

Battery Charger and Battery Hints-Tips

Battery charger and battery safety information. Battery charger instructions. Battery charging guidelines. Hints and tips for longer battery life. A place to get answers to your questions.

I was recently charging my battery outdoors when it started to rain. I became concerned, because I know that water conducts electricity. Is it very unsafe to connect a charger to a battery in wet conditions? Please don't tell me to experiment...I'd rather not. :)

The rule is: Don't charge in the rain. Actually water doesn't conduct electricity very well. If it did, every time it rained all the power lines would short out. Salt water is an exception.
It turns out people are better conductors of electricity than water. So if you reach into or touch water that is covering an electrical appliance, the electricity finds an easy path to ground through you, shocking.

This is why our battery chargers have a grounding conductor, and so should your extension cord and outlet. It is why hair dryers now come with ground fault detectors built in; to turn them off if they fall in a bath tub.

Remember this, if an electrical appliance falls into water do not reach in to get it. Unplug it first. Why you ask, because the electricity will go from the water into your arm and kill you.

So what should you do if during charging it starts to rain? Unplug your extension cord from the outlet. Then don't use the charger until it's dried out. By the way, before using an extension cord, check it over for cracks in the insulation. If there are any, don't use it.

"I enjoyed visiting your Web site. At work, several of people on staff were discussing charging a battery and the effect that placing a fully charged battery on concrete would cause the battery to lose its charge.
Their statement is that a battery placed directly on concrete will quickly discharge, while a battery placed on a 2x4 above the concrete will not discharge as quickly."

My opinion is: The only way to resolve this question among friends, in order to stay friendly, is to take two matched batteries, place one on concrete and one on a board. In other words, use the scientific method. Try to get everyone involved to sign off on the test protocol first to avoid further infighting. It is my experience that this matter cannot be resolved among friends by theoretical discussion alone.:-) Let me know what you find out.

Suggestion for further work, is a board necessary? How about plastic film, wax paper, metal foil, etc. Have fun.

Theory guides, but experiment decides.

"I wish to know if running vehicle in the daytime with headlights on reduces gas-mileage and the battery life time, and how much."

If the headlights are on, the dashboard lights and the car's rear lights are on too. Assume the current drain is 20 amperes, more or less depending on the type of car. That will be about 240 watt-hours for each hour of driving time. That energy has to come from somewhere. Your gas-mileage will decrease. How much, I leave as an exercise for you, dear reader, to figure out for your car.
The effect on battery life should be nil. Two factors most responsible for decreases in battery life are high temperatures, and frequent deep discharges of the battery.

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