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Smart Phone Batteries for HTC

Are you wondering where you can buy it: cheap HTC Smart Phone Battery, high quality HTC Smart Phone Battery, free HTC Smart Phone Battery? Well we probably can't help you find it for free, but we can show you the following places to buy it online.


Shop by Battery Part No.
35H00152-01MBA E270BA S100BA S110
BA S120BA S130BA S150BA S160
BA S180BA S190BA S210BA S230
BA S240BA S260BA S270BA S320
BA S330BA S340BA S360BA S370
BA S380BA S390BA S400BA S410
BA S420BA S450BA S470BA S520
BA S540BA S570BA S580BAS890
BA S890BB00100BB81100BB81200


Shop by Machine Model No.
0PVC22035H00213-00M510510 LTE
6160619D700 dual sim7088
709d7 MozartA310eA3333
A8181A9191ArtemisBA S930 BA S970 desire 320
BLAC100BlackstoneBlackstone 100Bravo
Breeze 100C510eC715eCedar 100
ChachaChacha A810EDash 3GDesire
Desire 310Desire 7060Desire HDDesire S
Desire ZDreamDROID ERISE1(603E)
ElfEVO 4GEVO DesignEVO Design 4G
EVO WiMAXExplorerFortressG10
HTC 616HTC 700Imagioincredible s
Leo 100MagicianMaple 100Maple 120
MogulMozartMteoRNEXUS ONE
ONE SUOne SVOpalOzone
P3452P3470P3479 (Pharos)P3600
P3702 VictorP4000P4350P4550
PandaPCV100PH06130Pharos 100
PM610120Polaris 100RadarRaider 4G
Raider 4G LTERAPH100RaphaelRhodium 100
Rhodium 300Rhodium WS310S510e
Star TrekStatusT2223T3232
T8585T8698TattooTilt 2
Titan 100TouchTouch 2Touch 3G
Touch 3G T3232Touch ColorTouch CruiseTouch Cruise 2007
Touch Cruise2009Touch DiamondTouch Diamond2Touch Diamond 2
Touch DualTouch ELFTouch HDTouch Pro
Touch Pro 2Touch VivaTrinity 100TyTN
TyTN IITyTN IIIVelocity 4Gvision
VividVivid 4GVOGU100VOGUE
WildfireWildfire SWillowWizard
Any HTC  Smart Phone Battery You Purchase From Us Is Guaranteed!
  • 100% Brand New
  • Guaranteed to Meet Original Specifications
  • Full 1 Year Warranty

Our HTC batteries are made using the highest quality cells available and utilize all of the proper logic boards, thermal protectors, thermistors and circuit breakers to ensure the highest levels of battery safety, reliability and efficiency.

In order to guarantee optimal battery performance and life we recommend you read the new battery instructions below.

How Can I Maximize Smart Phone Battery Performance?
There are several steps you can take to insure that you get maximum performance from your battery:

Breaking In New Batteries - new batteries come in a discharged condition and must be fully charged before use. It is recommended that you fully charge and discharge your new battery two to four times to allow it to reach its maximum rated capacity.

Preventing the Memory Effect - Keep your battery healthy by fully charging and then fully discharging it at least once every two to three weeks. Exceptions to the rule are Li-ion batteries which do not suffer from the memory effect.

Keep Your Batteries Clean - It's a good idea to clean dirty battery contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol. This helps maintain a good connection between the battery and your portable device.

Exercise Your Battery - Do not leave your battery dormant for long periods of time. We recommend using the battery at least once every two to three weeks. If a battery has not been used for a long period of time, perform the new battery break in procedure described above.

Battery Storage - If you don't plan on using the battery for a month or more, we recommend storing it in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects. NiCad, NiMH and Li-ion batteries will self-discharge during storage; remember to break them in before use. Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries must be kept at full charge during storage. This is usually achieved by using special trickle chargers. If you do not have a trickle charger, do not attempt to store SLA batteries for more than three months.

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